At TRANSMAX International Transport, we offer various transportation options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our Minivan Express service is an ideal solution for small-scale transportation needs.

Our Minivan Express service is frequently used by businesses and companies in particular. This service, suitable for transporting small-sized loads, is both economical and reliable.

Our Minivan Express service is carried out using minivan vehicles with a load capacity varying between 6 and 8 cubic meters. Minivan vehicles are specially designed to transport your cargo securely. Your cargo is safely fastened inside the vehicle and protected against damage.

Our Minivan Express service is an appropriate choice for intra-city transportation needs, especially in Istanbul and surrounding areas. Customers can easily arrange for their cargo to be picked up from their address.


In our Minivan Express service, timely delivery of your cargo is our priority. Our professional drivers are specially trained to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo. Your cargo is delivered to its destination on time and securely.

Although our Minivan Express service is an affordable option, we do not compromise on service quality. The safety of your cargo is important to us, and we take this into consideration throughout the entire transportation process.

Our Minivan Express service is an excellent choice for meeting your small-scale transportation needs. By providing a reliable and economical service, we aim to best meet the needs of our customers. You can contact us to get more information about our Minivan Express service and to benefit from our services.


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